Bachelor Thesis Spring 2011

Yasmin Shehab

ID: 13 1567
Email: yasminshehab@gmail.com

First Supervisor: Magdalena Kallenberger
Second Supervisor: Suzy Joseph


My thesis deals with the stereotypes (both western and eastern) surrounding muslim women and the veil (hijab) in addition to their effect on these women and their opinions concerning the stereotypes. I will also explore the connection between these stereotypes and the recent over inflated importance of the veil.


   * Abstract
   * Introduction
      * The history of the veil
      * How the Western stereotypes originated
      * The effect of stereotypes on both the people stereotyping and
         those being stereotyped
   * Body
      * The effect of the political climate on these stereotypes
         * Western: 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq
         * Eastern: Saudi & Oil States, Sadat
         * The effect of the Egyptian Revolution on both
      * Virgin/Whore, pitting hijabis against non hijabis (Eastern Stereotypes)
      * Documentary Findings: The media's portrayal and people's opinions 
   * Conclusion
      * The relation between the proliferation of stereotypes, rising 
         conservatism, the decline in educational standards and the over 
         inflated importance of the veil
      * The importance of humanizing the women and having them speak for 
         themselves instead of being spoken for


   * Research how veiled women are portrayed in Eastern/Arab/Muslim media
      specifically focusing on hijab ads. Survey/questionnaire/interviews about
      what people think of this kind of ad
   * Interview hijabis about why they chose to veil / how they see themselves
      / how others see them. Also interview non hijabis about how they are 
      viewed and how they view hijabis


   * 16/5: Finish Methodology, Editing
   * 23/5: Finish Lit Review, Editing
   * 30/5: Finish Editing
   * 6/6: Finish Paper, Sound and Subtitles