Salma Baki

ID number: 13-4682


First Supervisor: Magdalena Kallenberger

Second Supervisor: Suzy Ameen

Thesis Title: Family Awareness

Abstract: Creating a documentary telling stories of families that contain big numbers of members in it. As when a child is number 9 of ten others he then loses living a healthy life (mentally, and physically). Interviews with families inside homes and people in streets will take place clearifying the story of overpopulation consequences in Egypt, and the side effects on many different issues inside the cuontry, for example: Education, tansportaion, health, job opportunities, and even vacations, and many others.

Introduction: The documentary addresses the stubborn mentalities that hold on to their beliefs regardless of their capabilities and qualifications of being responsable for more children. The interviews within the documentary will be set with real victims concerning that issue to -hopefully- strongly affect others, rather than using actors in TV ads.

Keywords: Over population- Environment- Mentalities- Consequences- Effects