Engy Magdy Allam

ID: 13-1487 , email: eallam.engy@gmail.com

Bachelor Thesis Spring 2011

Engy Magdy Allam

ID: 13-1487
email: eallam.engy@gmail.com

First Supervisor: Julien Schmid
Second Supervisor: Suzy Ramez


Awareness towards abolishing illiteracy in Cairo


This study explores an important problem facing the Egyptian society, which is adult illiteracy. A documentary movie will show reasons, effects and people’s awareness towards education. This documentary initiated to raise awareness among low-income Cairo citizens. Despite the importance of literacy awareness, it is neglected in Cairo. This documentary can be shown on television as a sort of awareness and entertainment at the same time. A random sample of illiterate people living in EL-Sayeda Zainab and Ezbet Al-Haggana districts were interviewed using open-ended questions. An in depth qualitative interviews where adopted to let the participants tell their experiences. These interviews are used in this documentary movie.


The target audience is the population of adults who need adult literacy service.


1 Absrtact
2 Introduction
2.1 Social Science and Design
2.2 The aim of the thesis
3 Literature Review
3.1Documentaries in the past
3.2Education from different perspectives
3.3 When illiteracy controls// 3.4 Factors affecting literary in Egypt
3.4.1 Education system
3.4.2 Poverty
3.4.3 Malnutrition
3.4.4 Street Children
3.5 The Efforts Made to demolish Illiteracy
3.5.1Governmental efforts
3.5.2 Non-Governmental efforts
3.6 Conclusion
4 Methodology
4.1 Materials
4.2 Participants
4.3 Research and Footage in Streets
4.4 Documentary Movie Making
4.4.1 Emotional
4.4.2 A documentary movie is inspiring the maker and surprising the audience
4.5 The Shooting Tour
4.6 Functioning in Interviews
4.6.1 Adult Classes
4.6.2Cheat to get a certificate
4.6.3 Poor Sayed
4.6.4 Workshop owners and their opinion about education
5 Results
5.1 Adult literacy class
5.1.1 Attempting to attend adult literacy class
5.1.2 Victory
5.1.3 Awareness in poor districts
5.2 Manual labor
5.3 Intellectual labor
5.4 A Glimpse of Hope
6 Future Recommendations
7 Summary & Conclusion
8 References
9 Appendix




AKA Magic

This is an interactive design project we came up with the concept of expressing your mood with colors, motions and sounds. Where the movement of glow-sticks in a dark room in-front of a screen is represented with visuals and sound. Our main aim was to create a fun atmosphere for the user that was both intuitive and social. We imagined the interaction to be not only with the screen but with the other users as well, and the dark room would make said interaction with strangers more comfortable and natural.


soundscap.mp3 Δ

WINTER 2010/11

The Experiment of Deja-vu