Improvisation Principles and Techniques for Design

 - Introduction into the graphic notation of sound and music

This workshop was devided into two parts. First the general idea of improvisation e.g. in Jazz music was introduced. Ways to connect techniques used in music to other design work were introduced. Some practical examples revealed problems and advantages.

The second part dealt with graphic notation forms. A short review of avantgarde music history was followed by practical excercises to improvise music. Thereby sketches of possible notation forms were explored. One major question was how detailed the notation should be, meaning how much improvisation the notation leaves to the performer. Finally students designed their own scores and notations that were performed within the group.

Here you will find a small video of a score done within the workshop. The image indicates written instructions about how to perform. Each written line stands for one voice. The run of a line indicates for instance the pitch or volume of the specific voice.


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Pure Data
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