MD Project

MD 401 Magdalena Kallenberger

JTA Rana Elgohary, Mohamed Aboelwafa

NEWS: 05.03.2012 course starts: 3rd-5th slot!

"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." John Lennon

MD Project

EGYPT REVISITED - Challenging Reality

The course „Egypt revisited - Challenging Reality“ is an introduction into documentary film and video production. On the one side we will examine film excerpts throughout the history of documentary films, analyzing different approaches of storytelling and documentary practice. Throughout this course you will acquire conceptional competence for directing as well as technical skills to write a treatment, to set up, produce, edit and finalize your documentary video project.

Dear Students,

To take part in this course it is obligatory to attend

the LECTURE SERIES "Reflections on..."

Monday 4 PM in C3 Room 101
... the films we gonna watch and discuss are relating to our MD Project theme.

03 Assignment - Poetry Film

02 Assignment - CLIPBOX

01 Assignment // Presentation // Documentary Approaches and History of Documentary Films

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MONDAY // 3. Slot // 12:30-14:00 // LECTURE & PRACTICAL // obligatory to attend for everyone

MONDAY // 4. Slot // 14:15-15:45 // PRACTICAL // obligatory to attend for everyone MONDAY // 5. Slot // 16:00-17:30/ // LECTURE SERIES// obligatory to attend for everyone

Date Topic Practical References Assignments
March 05 Intro: The symbiosis of Picture and Music Intro: Clipbox The Directors Label: Chris Cunningham, Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry. 02 Assignment - CLIPBOX
March 12 Fiction and Non-Fiction – EARLY FILMS (Salma Hisham) Work in Progress Presentation Travelogue films like

and "the first documentary film"

March 19 Cinematic Truth and Propaganda (Merna Karam) Final Presentation Leni Riefenstahls film Olympia and Triumph of the Will
March 26 Political Cinema (Raghda Bassyouni)

Cinéma Verité and Direct Cinema (Mohamed Hossam)

Intro: Poetry Film Cinéma Vérité Style

Narration: Language, Sounds, Tones, Voices, Texts, Poetry and divers pictorial collages

03 Assignment - Poetry Film
April 02 Mid-term exams no teaching
April 09 Modern Documentaries / Mondo Films & Animated Documentaries (Yasemine Hassan)

Documentaries without words (Salma Khodairy)

Bowling Truths
April 16 Sham El Nessim no teaching
April 23 Essayfilm (Riham Sallam)

Modular Narratives (Sarah Bashandi)

April 30 activity week
May 07 Document, Documentation and Artist's Work (Moaz Mohmad)

Citzen Media & Participatory Video (Habiba Mohamed)

May 14 Docudrama and Dokufiction (Menna Ehab)

Web Documentary - interactive & multimedia documentaries (Anne Fayek)

May 21 Reality film, Doku-Soap and Mocumentary (Norhan Kamal) Final Presentation