Media Design Department at the GUC

In collaboration with the departments of Graphic Design and Product Design we provide a fundamental education in the wide filed of media design by developing concepts and productions at the interface of art and technology. Our focus in research is the exploration of media design, interaction and their kinaesthetic properties in view of the performing arts.

Maria MohrHead of DepartmentD1-245Film & Media Making
Steffen SchollAssoc. Prof. Dr.D1-229Sound Design
Jochen BraunLecturerD1-3xxInterface Design
Alex EssenLecturerD1-228Interaction Design
Maria MohrLecturerD1-246Media Design
Andreas MartererLecturerD1-247Animation
Mohamed BorhanInstructorD1-243Animation
Dr. Ayman ElgndyLecturerD1-243Animation
Mona DiabInstructorD2-206Media Design
Dominique MauriLecturerD5-0001Photography
Anja WeberLecturerD1-246Photography
Ghada FikriTeaching AssistantD2.206Moving Image & Montage
Remone WahibTeaching AssistantD1-243Digital Media Engineering
Nora KahilInstructorD2.206Photography & Film Making
Mohammad Shawky HassanInstructorD2.206Hybrid Media
Sandra MichelTeaching AssistantD2.106Interaction Design
Amina ShafikTeaching AssistantD2.306Sound Design
Abla MohamedTeaching AssistantD2.106Media Installation, Filmmaking
Nawarra MehremTeaching AssistantD2.206Still Image
Norhan KamalTeaching AssistantD2.106Video & Animation Techniques
Omar ElshimyTeaching AssistantD5.0001Photography & Moving Image
jrTAsReem Ossama, Donna Gouda,
Former Staff  
Julien Schmid2013-16Head of Department, Film & Media Making
Yasser Alwan2013-17Photography
Bryony Dunne2013-17Photography
Magdalena Kallenberger2010-16Media Conception & Film / Head of Department
Yasmin Kandil??-2016Photography
Hend Esmat??-2016Animation, Story, Movie
Lamiaa Diab??-2016Script, Advanced Digital Media
Jan Rehwinkel2015Film and Video
Sebastian Kraft2010-15(3D) Animation, Digital Compositing
Mostafa Youssef2014-15Film and Media Making
Marouan Omara2013-14Video & Filming
Yacoub Yassin201x-15Multimedia Design
Noha Ayoub2013-14Multimedia Design
Ayman Abou El Kheir2012-14Animation & Post-production
Hala Gabr2012-14Media Programing
Henriette Bornkamm2011-13Media Conception
Steve Double2012-13Photography
Sara Moustafa Kamel2009-13Photography
Nikolaus von Wolff2012-13Media Design / Head of Department
Kenneth Suit2012-13Film Studies
Mikala Hyldig Dal2011-13Animation & Postpro
Christian M. Fischer2009-12Media Design / Head of Department
Stefan Haake2010-12Mac Workshop
Hoda Hamouda2011-12Media Design
Bernd Dudzik2009-11Interaction Design
Daniel Fetzner2009-11Intermedial Spaces / Head of Department
John Hakiem2009-11Video & Filming
Manal Abdel-Rahim Hasan2007-10Character Animation
Manoj Kurian Kallupurackal2010Webdesign
Tilo Julius Wilhelm Kess2007-10Story, Movie, Animation
Nina Stefanka2009-10Film and Video
Birigit Suhrmeyer2006-09Video/ Film/ Photography/ Media Installation
Former jrTAs  Rana Elgohary,Emma Benany, Heba El Kest, Rana Mansour, Sara Sallam, Ghada Fikri, Hazem Ali, Engy Allam, Noha Ayoub, Mohamed Abo El Wafa, Mohamed Aggag, Hesham Ashour, Hana Sadek, Sara Sarhan, Amina El Shazly, Nadia Wernli, Abla Abd-Elnaby