Montage | Course MD 602

Lecturer | Maria Mohr
Teaching Assistant | Nora Kahil


Film still from Looking Like My Mother by Dominique Margot

Course Description:
The course guides students to understand and analyze different types of montage, its basic functions and purposes. It integrates historic reflections of montage development, theory of montage and introduces montage for film editing. Elements include history and narrative styles of film, parameter of contextual design of the moving image, interpretation of contexts, forms of perception, linear film and interrelation of various films during film installations. This course involves a survey of the history of cinema. It will examine important aesthetic movements such as German expressionism, Soviet montage, film noir, Italian neo-realism and the French new wave. Examining film excerpts and concepts throughout the history of cinema, students will be able to analyze different approaches of narrative strategies, and artistically practice to develop, produce, edit and finalize their own video works.

Rules in Class:
1. Whoever is more than 15 minutes too late – no attendance.
2. No leaving of the class in-between: not for toilet, a phone call, water etc. All this you can do in the break. If you leave: No attendance.
3. No food or mobile in class.
4. If you donīt present anything at the Work in Progress Presentation – zero points. Same for the Final Presentation.
5. If you canīt make it to the class for medical reasons, let us know at least one day in advanced 6pm via GUC mail, same for presentations.

Course Grades

  • Final 50%
  • Assignments 30%: 20PRES + 10TEXT
  • Classwork 20%: 10NOTE + 10TALK

01 Introduction/ Program/ Assignments

Screening: Living a beautiful Life

Start project and script development

02 Screening: Looking Like My Mother by Dominique Margot
  • Take notes during or after the film
  • Submit hardcopy (digital) for week 03
  • Project development
03 Screening: Love is a Treasure by Eija-Liisa Ahtila

Organizing groups

  • Take notes during or after the film
  • Submit hardcopy (digital) for week 04
  • Prepare script, shooting script and production plan
04 Concept Presentation


Work on storyboard and montage of visual material
05 Cairo International Women's Film Festival 2018

From 03 to 09 March'18

Film Critic
  • Take notes during or after the film
  • Submit hardcopy (digital) for week 07
06 MIDTERM WEEK - Individual Consultations Work on presentation
07 Screening: PIX by Sophie Linnemann Submission CIWFF's Film Critic / presentation material
08 Code of Good Subtitling,

BBC Subtitling Guidelines, Consultations

09 Consultations Edit
10 Rough Cut Presentation Submission
11 Consultations Edit
12 Final Presentation Submission