Final Cut Tutorial (1 slot)

MD Project 401 Documentary Techniques | Sarah Sallam, Magdalena Kallenberger

Course Description

An introduction in Final Cut Pro. This class aims to provide a good understanding of Final Cut's capabilities, allowing access to the different ways possible in Editing, Refining and Finalizing one's project. Each topic discussed is explained through examples, also providing the important shortcuts for fast and quick good results!

References: Final Cut Pro 7 Professional Video Editing (FC7) - by Diana Weynand

Course Outline

Week Topic References links
April 05 Editing The Rough Cut Lesson 1-2 (FC7) Class 01 Guidelines
April 12 Overwrite, Insert, Cutaway Lesson 3 (FC7) Class 02 Guidelines
April 19 Trimming, Filters, Transitions Lesson 4-9-13 (FC7) Class 03 Guidelines
April 26 NO CLASS
May 03 Titles, Speed Editing, Animation Lesson 11-12 (FC7) Class 04 Guidelines

May 24

Last Session

Render, Export Lesson 14 (FC7) Class 05 Guidelines

Class Questions

Session 01 - Editing The Rough Cut

  • How do we create a Bin inside a Bin?
  • What is the shortcut for Mark In and Mark Out?
  • What is the difference between Overwrite and Insert?
  • Tell different ways for moving footage to the Timeline

Session 02 - Overwrite, Insert, Cutaway

  • How do we paste without moving the Following clips to the side?
  • How do we snap an Out point in the Viewer to an Out point in the Timeline?
  • How do we add/remove a marker, move and edit it?

Session 03 - Trimming, Filters, Transitions

  • What will happen when we place a transition over the body of the clip?
  • How do we add the same transition between several selected clips by the same click?
  • If a filter appears first in the Filter tab, does it affect all the filters below it?

Session 04 - Titles, Speed Editing, Animation

  • What are the two frames represented when 'Show Title Safe' is activated?
  • True or False: The more transparent and soft the shadow behind the text is, the farther the text seems from the background image.
  • Give 2 ways to change opacity of a text layer
  • How can you tell if the speed of a clip has been changed?
  • When you create a freeze frame, does a new freeze frame clip appear in the browser automatically?