Hybrid Media

Sound & Visuals

Course MD701

WS 2019

Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Steffen Scholl

Tutorial/Practical Group 3 | Sun. 3rd, 4th & 5th slot | D5.305/SoundLab.D5.106

Tutorial/Practical Group 1 | Mon. 2nd, 3rd & 4th slot | D5.105/SoundLab.D5.106

Tutorial/Practical Group 2 | Tue. 3rd, 4th & 5th slot | D5.102/SoundLab.D5.106

Lecture Group 1, 2, 3 | Wed. 2nd slot | H1/SoundLab.D5.106

Experimental Sound Film, 1894/1895 by W. Dickson and T. Edison for the Kinetophone


SOUND & VISUALS - Course Description


- Tutorial 2 slot/week (compulsory attendance)

- Practical 1 slots/week (compulsory attendance)

- Lecture 1 slot/week


- The Tutorial “Sound for Visuals / Visuals for Sound” concerns one aspect of a hybrid- or multimedia production in particular – which is the complex interrelationship between the sound/music and the image/video/film production (silent movie, foley art, film music, music video, mtv, visual music, music magazines etc.).

- The Practical “Techniques & Technology” concerns the discussion and application of important audio tools and audio-visual techniques in order to produce audio material for visuals.

- The Lecture “Music & Media” will provide a historical overview of the complex relation and interaction between the artistic development of music and the technological basis - music history as a history of musical instruments/media. Otherwise, music itself appears as a medium with a specific function depending on the production context (religion, education, entertainment etc.). To cover the subject “Music & Media” entirely (the aim of this lecture), it is necessary to discuss the “Media of Music” as well as “Music as a Medium”.


- Report: Oral presentation in class of a Tutorial related topic (ca. 30 min.)

- Midterm Assignment: Project conception - Sound for Visuals, concept paper submission + presentation in class

- Final Assignment: Project realization - Sound for Visuals, submission + presentation of the finalized audio-visual material (ca. 10 min.)

Course Weights

- Report 25%

- Midterm (Project conception) 25%

- Final (Project realization) 50%

References and Textbooks

  • http://filmsound.org
  • Michel Chion, Audio-Vision, Paris 1990
  • Michel Chion, Film: A Sound Art, NY 2009
  • Barbara Flueckiger, Sound Design, Die virtuelle Klangwelt des Films, Marburg 2001
  • Theodor W. Adorno / Hanns Eisler, Komposition fuer den Film, Frankfurt a. M. 2006
  • Peter Rabenalt, Der Klang des Films, Berlin 2014
  • Claus Tieber / Anna K. Windisch (ed.), The Sounds of Silent Films, New Perspectives on History, Theory and Practice, NY 2014
  • James Wierzbicki (Ed.), Music, Sound and Filmakers, Sonic Style in Cinema, NY 2012
  • James Wierzbicki, Film Music: A History, NY 2009
  • Winifred Phillips, A Composer's Guide to Game Music, MIT 2014


Week Tutorial Practical Lecture
Week 1 Intro Course Concept NN Intro Lecture Topic
Week 2 Silent Film Music NN Media Theory: M. McLuhan
Week 3 Talkies NN Media Theory: J. Baudrillard
Week 4 Hollywood Sound NN Indirect/Non-Auditory Media of Music: Image
Week 5 Foley Art NN Indirect/Non-Auditory Media of Music: Text
Week 6 Midterm Preparation Individual Meetings Indirect/Non-Auditory Media of Music: Notation
Week 7 Midterm Concept Presentation Midterm Concept Presentation Direct/Auditory Media of Music: Mechanical
Week 8 Game Sound NN Direct/Auditory Media of Music: Analog
Week 9 Visual Music NN Direct/Auditory Media of Music: Digital
Week 10 Music Video NN Music as a Medium: Religion
Week 11 Final Preparation Individual Meetings Music as a Medium: Medicine/Education
Week 12 Final Project Presentation Final Project Presentation Music as a Medium: Entertainment