Hybrid Media

MD 701 Magdalena Kallenberger, Hoda Hamouda, Henriette Bornkamm

And most important, we need to remember that there is still a vestige of reality beyond film, beyond media, beyond multimedia James Monaco

Cross-Cultural Collaborative Practice

The course Hybrid Media is dealing with the transformabilty from text, sound, video and computer graphics. The technical ability to combine different media and to control them is leading to a new aesthetics of hybridity as a kind of media remix.

The focus of this project is referring to new hybrid forms of collaboration on the bases of the "surrealists chain-games" as a starting point for experimental collaborative online projects in form of a virtual dialogue. The video dialogues include performative aspects of communication (text, audio, video, skype) as well as the remixing, transformation and combination of different media to develope new aesthetics of hybridity through the process of collaborative practice in a virtual, online based exchange.

In the lecture we will read and discuss texts on Hybrid Culture and Identity as a starting point to define the cultural framework we are working in to elaborate a fruitful intercultural online-collaboration on the basis of the "surrealists chain-games". The next steps will be the introduction of new forms of artistic, collaborative practice, new narrative strategies like non-linear storytelling, discussing topics like collective authorship, re-mixing media etc.

In groups of two to three people will produce video clips and media works as part of a collaborative dialogue. Production time respectively is two weeks. Each group will interact with a partner group consisting of students of the Hochschule Furtwangen or the GUC.

At the end of the semester there is going to be a presentation at GOETHE INSTITUTE CAIRO / FREIBURGER FILMFORUM and a video conference about the gained insights and experiences together with the students from Furtwangen.

MONDAY // 1. Slot // LECTURE // obligatory to attend for everyone

TUESDAY // 3. - 4. Slot // PRACTICAL // obligatory to attend for everyone

TUESDAY // 5. Slot // THEORETICAL & LECTURE SERIES // obligatory to attend for everyone

TEXTS (to be read)

  • 01 Text // INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE FOR GLOBAL LEADERSHIP by Milton J. Bennett, Ph.D. (Yacoub, Chris, Hesham)
  • 02 Text // EXPLORING CULTURE by Gert Jan Hostede (Mariam, Amira, Ranin, Maidaa)
  • 03 Text // GLOBALIZATION AS HYBRIDIZATION by Roland Robertson (Nadia, Hazem, Mariam Tawfik, Nadine, Salma)
  • 04a Text // Manifesto of Surrealism by André Breton, 04b Text // Surrealist Games (Noha, Heba, Frederic, Sara)
  • 05a Text // Remixability by Lev Manovich, 05b Text // The evolution of authorship in a remix society, 05c Text // The Death of the Author by Roland Barthes ( Farida, Lana and Menna)
  • 06 Text // A Philosophy of Photography by Villem Flusser (Mennat, Shahd, Esmeralda, Mohammed)
  • 07 Text // Rhetoric of the Image by Roland Barthes (Mahamad)
  • 08 Text // Hyperreality by Jean Baudrillard ( Dina and Doha)

Date Lecture Practical References
Sep 19 Intro
Sep 26/27 INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE Intro: Self-Portrait <-> Identity
Oct 03/04 EXPLORING CULTURE Work in Progress Presentation // Team Portrait
Oct 10/11 GLOBALIZATION AND MODERNITY Final Presentation // Team Portrait Modernization and Westernization
Oct 17/18 HYBRID CODES Intro: Signs // CCV 1 Presentation on self-reflexive films
Oct 24/25 Midterm Exams Work in Progress Presentation // individual group meetings CCV 1 Note / Research
Oct 31/01 Nov THE SURREALISTS MANIFESTO AND CHAIN GAMES Final Presentation // CCV 1 CCV 2 Note / how to proceed
Nov 07/08 EID HOLIDAYS - no teaching -
Nov 14/15 - no teaching -
Dec 05/06 NON-LINEAR STORYTELLING Final Presentation // CCV 3 Korsakow System
Dec 12/13 A PHILOSOPHY OF PHOTOGRAPHY Final Presentation // CCV 4
Dec 26/27 no teaching, COMPENSATION ON DECEMBER 17th
Jan 07 Presentation GOETHE Institute Cairo / Filmforum Freiburg

Course weights: Final (all videos made in the CCV Project) 50%, Report (documentation of the CCV Project) 25%, Classwork (presentation, attendance, participation) 25%